Friday, October 15, 2004

Back to Writing!

Ok, this blog originally started out to be about writing, because my life long goal is too publish a novel, at least one. I have a great idea for my first one, and I wrote a pathetic two chapters of it a while back. I scrapped it and decided to postpone writing it until after my final HSC exam (for Americans this is my last year of High School/Secondary School.) In the mean time I have written countless short stories to keep my creative mind flowing and most can be found at my main website, Well lately I have neglected writing or blogging about writing in favour of my political rants, so as my exams are approaching I thought I might start thinking about my novel a bit more.

Ok, this will be my first real attempt at writing a novel, I have attempted it several times as a kid with no chance at all. I may work up the motivation to type them up so you guys can have a bit of a laugh at my lame story lines, bad gramma and mediocre writing in general. Anyway, with this being my first attempt at writing a novel I thought you guys who have knowledge could help me out (eg. The Scribe if you are still reading after my continuous political ranting.) I need info on length, and how to keep the plot moving smoothly. I think the way I go about writing a novel would be different to that of one of my short stories. So I'm calling for any help. (click the comment thing just underneath this.)