Monday, October 11, 2004

The Liberal dominated senate just makes the loss the more painful

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Now that it is likely especially with the looming threat of a Family first member of the senate, that John Howard will control the senate and make way for painful and outright elitist reforms. 1. The privatisation of Telstra, looking after yuppie business interests instead of saving Telstra and seeing to the need of the Australian people. 2. Removing the power of the Union, the savour of the working Australian. This is outright ridiculous, the Unions have done so much for workers, don't you think the ones that have to work so hard need the more help then those that can start their own business, or those that already own large businesses. 3. Tax cuts for the rich! The rich are rich they don't need tax cuts, come on Australia hang your heads in shame you voted in a governent based on lies, and a party that neglected the real issues.