Saturday, October 02, 2004

I have been doing some research!

Today my parents expressed their concern at my stance towards the detention of refugees. They said because they came here illegally they deserve to be locked up. Well I wasn't happy about this so I am online tonight doing more and more research to try and convince them that what is going on is purely and simply inhumane. I want my parents and all others who support what the government is doing to know that this is not about whether or not they came her with the correct visas or not. This is about being humane to people that are desperately seeking our protection in a country that prides itself in being multi-cultural.

The United Nations High Commisioner for Refugees says:
UNHCR is concerned about the situation in Australia's Woomera detention centre and we are in daily contact with the Australian government, trying to help in finding a solution. In general, UNHCR opposes detention of asylum seekers, particularly when it is prolonged and when it involves minors, which is the case in Australia.We do not condone any acts of violence, including acts of self-harm committed by asylum seekers at the Woomera detention centre. However, though deplorable, these acts are a gauge of the degree of desperation of the people who commit them.

And also here is a link to HREOC's reports on the detention centres.