Sunday, October 31, 2004

Media get a blogging from internet pundits - US Elections -

Media get a blogging from internet pundits -

Yes we have a voice, this article in the Sydney Morning Herald today said that bloggers (like me) are keeping check on the bias news coverage of the mainstream press. I agree bloggers have a voice, but really we are biased, there are so many pro-Bush blogs out there backing Bush up, but even bloggers on the civil rights/anti-bush side, we seem to be inherantly biased. Though I think the difference is, although we are biased, I speak the truth. My biased opinion is not wrong because it is biased, I have gained my opinion from the truth. Bush bloggers have an opinion, however racist, but it is based on lies. Bush lied to the world when he said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He lied when he said he would do anything to capture Saddam Hussein. Bush bloggers are just puppets to the Fox new channel