Monday, October 18, 2004

Exam reflections: English paper 1: Area of study

Wow, one exam done , only six more to go. Today was my first English paper. Ok, for people who don't know what this entails, At the start of the year (actually Term 4 last year) we were given an area of study, for my class it was physical journeys. We studied the poetry of Peter Skrzynecki (hope I spelt it right). This also includes texts of your own choosing that relate. Well anyway the exam was questions on texts we haven't seen before, Creative Writing and an essay on Skrzynecki and other related texts.

Over all I did pretty well. I aced unseen texts, then I did my essay because someone on the Bored of Studies forum (yes I spelt bored right) said strong creative writers should leave it last. The essay went well, I wrote flat out, and managed to fill the whole eight page booklet. One of my related texts was a chapter called 'No room at the inn' from a book by Heather Tyler called 'Asylum - voices from behind the razor wire' So I could obviously cover that in depth as it's one of my favourite books.

Creative Writing went really well, I regurgitated the story I wrote in my half-yearlys and the trials. It's about a Russian sniper who kills a general of the german army, then he takes the general to Petrograd on a snowmobile. It worked really well, pity we don't get our papers back, just the marks. I would like to show it to you.

Well, my hand hurts now from writing so much. Next exam is English 2: modules, good luck all other HSC students for this paper, and it would be great to hear your comments on this paper.