Saturday, April 09, 2005

(insert angry expression here)

Warning: This post may contain profanities that may be expressed by a person that is not in a very good mood because quite simply Mr Solah is not a happy chappy.

How do I put my anger, frustration, pissed off-edness in words that you can understand. Well I'll give it a go and for once this is not about politics, well kinda, but I'll get to that later. This is to do with work. My lovely job, I spend 4 days a week from 1pm to 8pm knocking on door after door to try to sell people mobile phones, only to be treated rudely and have a shit hard time selling stuff. That is not the problem though, I've been working there about 3 weeks now and should be earning between $100 and $200 a week, that's should be. The extent of my anger lies in the fact I have not been all! There is a whopping total of 46c in my account. When there should be about $110, with another $100-200 going in on monday. This money should have gone in last monday, and it hasn't, I'm poor and didn't go to work on friday because I couldn't afford my trainfare, with my life savings of 46c. I borrowed money of mum for a few days, but enough was enough, I wasn't going to work again, owe my mum more freaking money when I still haven't been payed. The job is shit, the pay is shit, and I don't even get paid. It's fucked, I'm not happy. Well that's Australia for ya. I could turn this into a political thing, I know I'm being exploited, and I can't be bothered telling you guys about it in some in depth Socialist analysis of my life, becuause I can't be bothered. If your a Socialist and inclined in that way you can probhably figure out all the problems here, and if your not I don't think you'd give a rats to see my point of view.

In summary Capitalism sux and so does life. I'm atheist...thank god!