Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Eight

Word Count: 14, 257

Bet you guys didn't expect one of these for a bit. Well, neither did I. I half took The Scribes advice and thought I wouldn't try to write, you know take a break until things seem to clear out. But something very kool happened tonight. I just decided to write, no real bug or inspiration, it was moving along at a slow pace, half going somewhere. The scene was being played in my head like a movie. It was so real, the imagry unmistakable. Then it hit me. My story scared the shit out of me. You know those scenes in movies where the face pops from no where, like at the start of the grudge. It was like that, in my head. It was like 1-1.30 in the morning, basically dark except for the light from the computer, and I'm sitting here typing at 100 miles an hour, scared shitless from my own writing. I managed to get over 1,000 words out, and when I wake up tomorrow morning I think I can continue, but don't hold me to it.