Monday, April 18, 2005

20 Questions - more answers

No more questions, I got my quota of 20, and the last one from The Scribe is a beauty. I'll answer 6 tonight.

First two are from Aunt Annie at

Do you believe more in "justice" or "revenge"? Why?

I'd rather justice over revenge any day. Revenge is such a savage and pointless concept. Justice works towards things being resolved fairly. Revenge just acts as an aggravation.

If you won a trip to visit 5 countries, where would you go?

I'd love to go to Europe, so Britain, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and for the reason of being a very left leaning government, Sweden.

The next four are from Captain Platypus at

First impression, which is more important: looks or personality?

The way a person acts is far more important than the way a person looks. Although some will argue that it is an impulse to judge someone instantaneously by the way they look, in some situations this can be the case.

Name a song that has made you cry or get over emotional.

My mum has told me that as a kid, Eternal flame by the Bangles used to cause me to shed a tear, myself being a solely rock fan, I can admit to having a certain soft spot for this song. I also try to limit my consumption of Marilyn Manson as it can make me feel over angry.

Worst movie you ever paid to see.

I can't remember very far back just now, but the latest movie that made me leave the cinema unsatisfied was Elektra, I was dragged along with my group of friends, a few were Jennifer Garner fan's and even they weren't impressed. My all time most hated movie is Blair Witch project, I didn't pay for that one, my dad hired it.

Have you ever been in a fight?

I had to clarify this one, he means physical fight. Yes, but not real big ones, just little pushes and shoves in High School, my mate however seemed to get caught up in them fairly often, he liked to take on the school yard bullies.