Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm it!

I've been tagged, that's right. I've been tagged by Mick Arran, at Arran's Alley to do a very interesting meme. It originated from Dylan at Something Requisitely Witty and Urbane where I have to pick five people, dead or alive, that I would like to see blog. My hit list will include elements of both political genius' and creative genius'

1. Daniel Johns - frontman from former Aussie rock band Silverchair. In my opinion he is a creative genius, just listen to the lyrics from Diorama. He is a creative inspiration to me, his insight into his life and music is inspirational. He also gives a shit about issues such as refugees, the environment and other stuff

2. John Butler - For virtually the same reasons as above. He's a musician with a bottomless creative mind and he is very focused on political issues, such as peace, human rights and most notably the environment. The difference between Johns and Butler is that John Butler's lyrics are heavily political, i.e. perfect hippie music.

3. Stephen King - Great Writer and the first adult writer I really got hooked with, and I can safely say that he is where I firstly developed some of my own writing style.

4. Gandhi - He was a very inspirational man, his determination to fight for people's right is something that any activist can look up to. Though, as a Socialist, I cannot agree completely with 100% non-violence, he is still an inspirational fighter,whose words would rise activists

5. Karl Marx - A Socialist's expected choice. You either agree with the guy or you don't, I do. His ideas are great, though as with Gandhi some modernization can be expected, language especially, reading Marxist literature is not easy reading.

With the lat two being dead, I wouldn't expect them to have taken the leap into the blogosphere. I don't know about the top three though. You guys could help me with that.

Now I get to tag three lucky people, The Scribe, Celeste, and Marcus. Tag your IT!