Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hospitals suffer as another billion dollar surplus is announced

Budget surplus nearly $2 billion in February - Business -

This happens time and time again. Last year just before the election the government announced a huge surplus. Now once again another one is announced. The government just sent another billion dollar warship of to join Bush's bloody oil grab and we have money left over whilst people have to wait in emergency for hours, have to sent home and are on massive waiting lists because hospital funding is getting less and less, and if I hear one politician or right-wing dickhead say it's State responsibility I'm going to explode. Because quite simply I couldn't give a fucking shit who's responsibility it was, if the money is there fucking use it on something worth while. It's no use just sitting there so the government can gloat on their nice budget that only really reaps rewards for the rich whilst the basic right the healthcare is under compensated.