Thursday, December 09, 2004

The truth comes out, but what's going to come of it.

Senate inquiry finds PM misled public - Immigration -

A senate inquiry has officially found that Howard had misled the public during the 2001 election campaign over the children overboard claims.

Mr Howard and other Liberal MPs claimed that children were thrown overboard when the SIEV X 4 sank on route to Australia, full of Refugees. They used this as a major political tool to deceive the Australian public into attaching an unfair stigma to Asylum seekers. I didn't need an official inquiry to tell me that Howard lied.

But what will come of it? Will the media actually report on this adequately, the report came out at about 5pm this afternoon, and I still haven't heard anything about it except for from the Age. Isn't it a shame that I have to search articles from a Melbourne newspaper to be adequately informed when I live in Sydney, isn't it even more of a worry, that I have to turn to an amateur journalist/blogger to get some truth about the battle of Fallujah via

A great book has been published on the SIEV X tragedy where hundreds of Asylum seekers were left to drown outside Australian waters because if the government saved them they would have to bear the responsibility of their claims for Asylum. I have put the book on my chrissy wish-list. I just hope my racist grandparents won't realize what the book is all about and then decide not to get it for me because they are too ignorant to care.

update: since writing this major news sources around Australia have made a mention but not much.