Thursday, December 23, 2004

Break and reflect

I'm taking a small break from writing this article to write this short post. I am having mixed feelings about a lot of things at the moment. I haven't blogged since Monday, which is also a worry, however minor. Between writing tonight, there was a period of stoppage, where I ended up in bed, and saying to myself that it's a waste of time. This has nothing to do with me, or my writing, but my family. I was interupted when my sister wanted to use the computer, but I was busy and I stressed to her that I needed to finished this. She didn't care, my dad got involved, and they were all arguing that I was hogging the computer, that I should give her a go. What was she going on for? to talk to friends. I was writing an article. Big difference. I feel with my political involvement and with my journalism, I'm doing something bad, like I'm taking drugs or going out stealing or something. My parents act as if me caring about things is wrong. My family, except for my bitchy sister lean to the side of 'mortgage is all that matters, and if your a muslim, your a terrorist.' I have learnt to avoid political discussions because they lead to full-blown arguments. But now I find I have to shut up about what I'm doing, like I'm doing something wrong. So I took to much time writing this post, so I wont fix gramma or spelling mistakes. By the way, Merry Christmas to you all.