Sunday, December 05, 2004

Political Rants.

Prime Minister John Howard said today that civil liberties must be compromised for the Aboriginal community, saying it is less important than staying alive. His statements are completely absurd and divert attention away from the need for further economic involvement by the government. It seems putting lots of money into blowing stuff up over in Iraq is more important than protecting the people that rightfully own this land.
from the Sydney Morning Herald.

The new photos of prisoner abuse in Iraq sicken me. My grand-father said in relation to the Abu-Graib torture scandal, "But it's only physiological", well this is a lot different even if you think psychological torture is ok. Why are the right supporting this? Also the resistance "problem" isn't getting better for the US, so get the fuck out of there it isn't your country.

I sent his letter to the Sydney Morning Herald in regards to this article, where students have defended the reputation of the school, criticizing a rape victims actions and this hit me with anger:

In response to the article titled, "Students challenge rape victim's story", It disgusts me to think people can put the reputation of a school above the well-being of this victim. It is not acceptable to cover up her story, and then make excuses for the rape. Rape isn't excusable no matter what, and the school should be held accountable for it's reckless actions. Private schools receive little admiration or respect from me for their ability to keep students from connecting with different cultures and socio-economic classes, and therefore institutionalizing a lack of tolerance in their education. The fact that they cover up a rape and then try to defend the reputation for the school, lowers my view of Private School further.