Wednesday, December 01, 2004

No big party alternatives in both Australia and the US

New-look Labor's pitch to business - National -

Labor has retracted today all it's policies that were mildly differing from Howard and his racist, right-wing cronies. They moved in line with the Liberal policy on industrial relations with would slowly phase out any union involvement and they even backed down on their policy to protect the old growth forests. The Labor party are making it worse for themselves not better. I can tell you quite simply why Labor lost. It didn't offer an alternative, they are moving further and further towards the right and now they fail the represent the middle and lower class workers and which they were founded. They're just a cheap right-wing alternative. Maybe my dad, a staunch unionist, will change to the greens now.

This is the same in the US, Kerry lost the election because he didn't offer and alternative. Most of the left-wingers in the US voted for Kerry even though he was going to sustain the war. He wanted to try Osama Bin Laden in a US court, like all the things he did to other countries didn't matter. He puppeted Bush on gay rights. And yet, the left still supported him. I love Michael Moore's film, but I am confused as to why he supported Kerry, when he was for the war. Nader had the best policies of them all, but Moore campaigned to have him off the Ballot.

And nothing will change until lefties get off their asses and do something. Protest, go see your local member and campaigning. Blogging has made a big influence in getting out messages across, but we are still trying to combat the large number of right-wing bloggers that offer their racist taunts and puppet Bush and Howard'ss lies and right-wing hysteria.