Saturday, July 10, 2004

Crossing the boundaries

In a Sydney-Morning Herald article today, Tony Abbot supported to screening of an abortion on the ABC in August, others Liberals supported it. Latham, however left it up to the people to decide.
I pose the question, Who wants to watch an abortion? Not me. Abbot, who is a strong Catholic opposed to abortion, wants to the screening in order to change peoples minds about it. It is in my opinion that abortion is right because, it's better than being born in a world where you arn't wanted and cant be looked after properly. The graphic content is aimed at turning people away, there is a war going on Iraq were people are killed and beheaded, but the government still continues on there don't they. It is not right to condemn an option in a free country such as Australia, if Abbot and others don't like abortion that is their choice, but don't go telling students that their choices, that are against his religion, a "National disgrace"