Tuesday, July 06, 2004

What about the men!

In an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, it is revealed that there is only 1 child in mainland detention centres. But Amanda Vanstone still denies there is a problem. The Liberal government are contorting their policies to make them sound better then they are, what about the refugees on Nauru and other offshore detention centres, and what about the men in the detention centres, sure your releasing the children because the experience will most definetely cause mentel damage. But Vanstone fails to recognise the Men in the detention centres, they are human too and they can also be seriously damaged. The remaining child is a newborn baby, because the mother doesn't want her and the baby to be seperated from her father. It's a breach of human rights, and even the the Human rights Commision has ruled this, and yet the government still denies there is a problem.
The timing and motives are most evidentely to do with the fact that there is an upcoming election and the people do not agree with the attrocities that are going on. The Liberal government have done a backflip in order to save their own skins.