Monday, February 14, 2005

Habib left with severe psychological scars and an unfair stigma of guilt

I'm no terrorist, but I won't say why I was there - National -

Habib may have been tortured: Downer - Anti-Terror Watch -

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib appeared on Sixty Minutes last night to tell the world of his torture at the hands of the American government. Sadly the news following the interview has all been hysteria towards whether or not he's a terrorist despite being released because there was no evidence against him. Torture included shock treatment, beating, drugging, and even telling him that they had killed his family. Today the majority of coverage focused on his refusal to verify his intentions when he was in Afghanistan. They claimed that he is obviously guilty because he didn't say anything, but anyone who knows anything about the law would know that doing so would adversely affect his court case which aims to re-claim his passport and clear his name.