Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Novel Update: First draft - Chapter Five

Word count: 9,517

Haven't had one of these in a bit. I don't think I even did one for chapter four. Well I finished chapter four, it was a short chapter, but very eventful. I'm onto chapter five now, and I'm a little stuck, it's moving too slowly for my liking. I'm lacking inspiration, you know, like a creative energy. Music can sometimes give it to me, or I had a real big boost a creative energy one time when I saw an interview with Daniel Johns and Andrew Denton's show 'Enough Rope.' He's not a writer but he is still a creative genius. If you listen to Silverchair album 'Diorama' you'll know why. Daniel was the front man for Silverchair till they broke up, and now he's teamed up with Paul Mac to form the Dissociatives. They played that night and I was impressed. Now if only I had a tape of that interview, I'd be back in the right mindset. Might get some rest and see if I've got it in the morning.