Thursday, February 24, 2005

A question

Yes I have a question for everyone who reads, or is here from blogexplosion on a 30 second crusade for half a credit. This might only apply to lefties but it's not a politics question. I am trying to figure out the source of my writer's block or writer's constipation, if you will. The story is a gory, violent, bloody, evil, sadistic, Stephen King type of novel. I have written these stories since I have been writing. I got involved in politics a while after this, and it mainly involves human rights and promoting ideas about non-violence, peace, love and all that, I'd like to call myself I real hippie. Now as you can gather my writing mind and my political mind clash, yeah it's weird I know, but I think it's my political conscience that is holding me back from writing a really good book, the idea I have is great. I think I'm trying forcefully put in a message at the end to try to trick myself that I'm not a totally twisted individual.

Now for my question, do you think it's wrong to write gory stories, especially since you fight for human rights? I'm messed up. I know