Tuesday, February 01, 2005


For whom the bell tolls - Immigration - www.theage.com.au

Can I ask the Australian government one question? What will you achieve by deporting this man? He will be killed for fighting for democracy. You and Bush try to ensure democracy in Iraq but when a man flees Iran for fear of his life. You lock him up.

"Iranian security caught me," he says. "I was put in a small cell, one metre by two metres. I cannot see outside. The window is very high. Always there is a strong light shining outside. I had no visitors. At night I hear guns. Many people were executed in Evin prison. I hear people screaming. I do not want to think about this time."

Don't tell me he came here illegally. What everone fails to see is, under international law you have the right to apply for Asylum and whether you came here legally or not has nothing to do with it. This man is an inspiration. He needs our help, support and protection. Not years of unjust incarceration only to be sent back and most likely killed in the name of Democracy.