Saturday, May 28, 2005

“…where this leads to bigger and bigger protests, then so be it," says ACTU

ACTU keeps options open for general strike - National -

The government continue to push there elitist legistlation to remove the rights of working Australians. He’s doing this with a hypocritical stance, he says to the loggers that he is the only one who supports them, but he is giving their employer the right to sack them with no reason at all.

Under the proposed legislation Employers could propose harsher working conditions and if the employee didn’t agree he could be sacked. For years and years the ruling class has imposed it’s draconian rules on us, and now with Howard able to control the Senate, he can finally do what he has wanted to do for years.

But by no means are we left with out anything to do. General strikes have not been ruled out, to fight against this attack on the working class where “…You would have to go back to the 1890s to find the same level of viciousness and ruthlessness."