Monday, May 30, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft – Chapter Nine -and- First Day of Uni!

Word Count: 22,291

Last night I finished Chapter Nine. The outline suggested that Chapter would finish a little later, but I think the part I got to called for a break in chapter. This chapter had a bit more dialogue because it involved my character’s girlfriend. It was a defining chapter in it really showed where his allegiances lay. I may get onto Chapter Ten later today.

In the mean time, today is my first day of Uni. I logged on to the Open Universities website, introduced myself and it is apparent that there are a lot of stay at home mums studying. Today involved a bit of reading and in fact the whole course will, understandably. I need to work on reading quicker in order to get through to work. But I’m feeling very academic at the moment, so that will be my motivation.