Thursday, May 26, 2005

Novel Update: First Draft - Chapter Nine

Word Count: 21,032

Yes, I’m back over the 20,000-word mark. That is a relief, but I did go back on my old idea of having one of main characters, Aleks, write a diary entry about the madness that had just ensued. Instead there was a knock at the door and his girlfriend entered to be introduced to the chaos. On a writer’s forum I am a member of, we have been talking about killing off characters. Well, I’ve been waiting for this one. She’s just holding back Aleks from getting himself into more trouble, he he. I wrote about 1,300-words this afternoon and tonight. But I won’t be hitting no block, I outlines the rest of the chapter and hopefully will be able to finish it tonight.

update: I should add that this chapter contained a bit of dialogue with Aleks and his girlfriend, which went fine. Though, I'm still going to work on my dialogue skills.