Saturday, May 14, 2005

Howard does not care for the environment

Australia 'going soft' on whale slaughter - World -
Howard lashes out at green 'extremists' - National -

We all knew Howard doesn't give a shit for the environment. That is very clear, but it makes me sick when with he attacks one issue and then goes and shows complete ignorance in another aspect.

Japan want to extend their quota of whales used for 'scientific research' to include the endangered humpback whale and extend their whaling waters to Antarctic provinces that include Australia's. Now for one, it is not scientific research. It is the deliberate slaughtering of innocent animals for the purposes of making more freaking money. The thing that gets me angry the most is that fact that Australia are doing nothing. They said they would not prevent Japanese Whaling ships from entering Australian waters, commenting that it would amount to piracy. But they will keep a blockade of navel ships up north to hijack boatloads of Asylum seekers entering the country for protection. Sorry, only hijack the boats that are sea-worthy, they prefer to turn their backs to the ones that sink. Why don't Australia fucking do something when it's not in the interest of making more money, that obviously doesn't help the people of Australia with this lousy budget of ours.

The other issue on my ranting Agenda for today is Howard's attack on the Greenies. This includes myself, the ones that are sick and tired of seeing Ancient Trees chopped down. He claims he is doing something for the environment by preserving 45 percent of Tasmania's ancient forests. Quite simply, that isn't good enough, why not the whole lot. Ancient forests that have been there for centuries and are only being cut down for profit. The argument that he is looking after workers is complete bullshit. Considering one of his many bills to be swept through the parliament after it gains control of the senate include a bill to effectively wipe unions and worker's rights. He is a hypocrite and it sickens me that every election everyone falls for his lies and then we are stuck with his money grabbing crap for another three years.