Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Government bows to pressure and releases 3 year old from detention

Freed from a life in detention - National - smh.com.au

Yesterday I reported on a disturbing case where a three-year-old Malaysian girl and her mother have been locked up in immigration detention. The case distressed me and a couple of commenters. But there is good news.

There was a lot of media coverage and public outcry over this case and the government bowed to public pressure and released them last night. The mother was overjoyed, the child looked a little bewildered and sadly the psychological damage has already been done and this is a step forward.

Sadly, they were released on a bridging visa that does not allow for the mother to work or for them to receive Medicare. The mother made a point that there were many more cases just like hers still going on. The government didn't give a reason for her release, they were too gutless to admit that they bowed the pressure from the public and the media over such a dreadful policy.