Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cheese, Nightmares and Story ideas

Dream Moods

I was once told by a friend on a writing chat room that cheese was good for horror writer's because it gave you nightmares. Now my mum always told me, 'don't eat this, don't eat could give you nightmares' so I believed what the guy was saying, now someone told me it's a lie. So I went searching and found I joined the discussion board and there are some interesting stuff. Hopefully the guys can answer my question. I really want to see if I can induce nightmares. Sounds crazy? Well, it might be at the time, but who knows, I could write a story based on a nightmare I had and it could work supremely well. There is an article on there about remembering your dreams, something I need to work on. It suggests keeping a dream diary so you can record what you dreamt as soon as you wake, well seeing as I get an abundance of ideas for stories from thinking before I fall asleep I already have a notebook handy.

Do any of my avid readers know whether or not cheese or other foods induce nightmares?