Friday, May 20, 2005

Newsweek negligent, but the trend is there.

Red Cross backs claims of Koran abuse in US prison camp - World -

There have been many disturbing posts and reports attacking Leftists about the clear negligence of Newsweek. Let me make this clear, what Newsweek did was wrong, they should be held accountable, but by no means should this extend to attacks on the whole Leftist philosophy. It is just hypocritical for people from the right to attack people who are guilty of Libel, take Fox news for a very clear example, and it is not if it was suggesting something that does not happen completely.

There have been reports for years saying that the Koran has been abused in US prison camps. It's just that it was never flushed down the toilet. The false report did spark the riots, but it was not the only factor. It only brought the situation to a boiling point. There is a disturbing trend of anti-Muslim sentiment in the Western world and just because one article was false does not prove that the discrimination of Muslims does not exist.