Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Budget 2005

Ooh, I can see my fellow Aussies jumping up and down in their seats. The Budget! How freaking exciting!...bullshit! Some stupid right wing journalists have come out saying this was a budget for popularity. Let me say this, that is a load of crap. This budget is and will continue to be very unpopular with the average Australian. The tax cuts help the rich more than the poor, welfare is becoming increasing ridiculous, with mothers expected to abandon their children to childcare centres so they can work to fund a war nobody wants. Once again, there is an increase to security and minor addition to a critical healthcare system. One person I talked to said: "There is a middle Australia. The government don't want that, they want to make them poorer and the rich richer. So the rich can make them work and look down on the normal people." I couldn't have said it better myself.