Friday, May 27, 2005

Jeepers Creepers

Well, I don’t know how much writing I got done last night, maybe a little bit. But this top movie did distract me. My dad needed to use the computer for a sec and so I got up and walked around, and I saw ‘Jeepers Creepers’ sitting on my desk, I borrowed it from the library a couple of days ago and I thought I’d watch it. People I know. love to criticise movies, it seems most people are never pleased. I thought it was pretty good, the characters were convincing and I was on the ‘edge of my seat’ (sorry about the cliché there just wasn’t any other way to put it.) There is a lot of gore, but I think after seeing so many horror movies and reading so many horror novels, it doesn’t phase me. I have bone to pick, the ending sucked. It didn’t end right, guess they left it open for a sequel that is never better than the first. I guess it’s a problem with most movies/books as of late, they can’t get the ending right. Come on guys, take a lesson or two from the master of the climax, Stephen King.