Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Where are the government's priorities?

Govt won't seek Hicks' early release - Breaking News - National - Breaking News

It is quite obvious that the government's priorities are with the rights of it's citizens. Alexander Downer has said it would not seek repatriation for David Hicks from Guantanamo Bay. He is currently being held there pending charges for terrorism, which is being stalled due to court cases against the legality of this underground court for the installation of dogmatic control. Downer made the suggestion that the case was different to that of Mamdouh Habib saying: "In the case of Habib, in the end the administration decided they didn't want to use all of the information they had available to them and that was of course for security reasons," What a load of bullshit! Habib has no evidence against him and Hicks will have an unfair trial unless something is done, and the likely hood of our great democratic government (bullshit) maintaining the rights of one of our citizens seems very unlikely.