Saturday, May 21, 2005

"This is a Government paddling very hard to get themselves out of trouble."

Vanstone to vet Rau report before release - National -

These are the words of Opposition leader Kim Beasly, though I don't like the guy, is correct. The government are in trouble and fresh reports that Vanstone may review the report and only show certain sections of the report to the public are extremely disturbing. It reminds me of the report on 9/11 where there were scores of writing blacked so the government could save face. Our 'US wannabe' government is heading down the same road. Border Security has gone way too far. For all the people who claim it is because of the air of terrorism have to be kidding themselves. A) a terrorist is more likely to jump on a plane with a legal visa with a mobile phone in his pocket and B) As a now famous quote pointed out, "If these children are being sacrificed to achieve my security, then the price is too high to pay."