Friday, May 20, 2005

Novel update: First draft - Chapter Seven (20,000 words!)

Word Count: 20,104

Yes, I'm still working on that bit of back story that is now a major part of the whole novel, like it was first planned to. I passed the 20 thousand word mark tonight, and although it looks like I might have only written 600 or so words, it is a little deceiving. I was browsing through the prologue, randomly reading paragraphs when I came across a mistake. Part of the back story in Chapter Seven didn't match with this part of the prologue. I deleted the incorrect bits in the prologue and re-wrote it. This time it was shorter and actually brought me below my end word count for last night. But I had to do some research on opium for part of the scene that I wrote today, it took me a while, but it turned out good.

Yesterday's and today's writing sessions have been pleasing. I seem to go through periods of good and bad. I now realize if I'm stressed or things don't seem to be going my way I wont be able to write as well. Just waiting for my mother to spoil it.