Monday, May 23, 2005

Torn between her two children

Come home, Malaysia tells Naomi - National -

"A psychiatrist who has examined the child, Dr Michael Dudley, described her as "mute" and "listless". She has begun banging her head against walls at the detention centre each time she sees her mother distressed."
Sydney Morning Herald, May 23 2005
This report, as with all reports on the detention of children and their families, is extremly disturbing. A mother is torn between her two children. Her son lives in Australia with her father and Naomi lives in immigration detention with her mother, as she has done her whole life. The three-year-old, who is showing signs of ill mental health, may be allowed to return with her mother to a Malaysia, but her mother does not want to leave her son saying, "...If they make me spend 10 years here I will stay because my son is my life - my blood. I cannot go and leave my son behind."
The government needs to step in and do something. Let this family live together in Australia, I really don't think my security will be threatened from a mother and her two children.