Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Save the whales!


Yes, I know this is a common one for a greenie like myself. Well, this year Korea want to restart the whaling trade and this is quite appalling. So Greenpeace have set up a Virtual March, where you print out one of their banners and take a photo and send it to them and they put it on their site. Just click the link above and I'll post my own pic when I've taken to photo.

But, whilst saving the whales is an undoubtedly good cause I do have my concerns about Greenpeace and their style of activism. No, it's not their openness about breaking the law, which I am all for considering the cause. It's their elitist attitude to activism. They seem to set up things like 'virtual marches' but no real marches. It's kind of a sit back and support attitude they want us to have. We're meant to clap for them, but don't you think thousands of people in support would be much better than a handful of workers for greenpeace, who by the way get paid shit all because they run like a company and bribe workers into less pay because they are fighting a good cause. All the same support this action, but keep in mind we can be doing so much more.