Wednesday, June 22, 2005

VSU to be crushed by defectors.

Student union bill in peril as Nats defy PM - National -

The watertight destruction of the working class in the bloody hands of John Howard has seemed to spring some leaks. First there were reports that a Queensland Nation senator may cross the floor on Howard’s attempt to destroy unions, and destroy the rights of workers.

Now, another two more senators from the National party, with many more to follow, may block another one of Howard’s attacks, the removal of Student unionism. Student Unionism which is the basis of extra curricular funding, student’s rights and the political voice of students would be removed under the new legislation and replaced by a controversial voluntary system which would see the decline of the student voice. This sign that VSU (Voluntary Student Unionism) and the destruction of unions will not go ahead due to defecting senators is very promising, and we can, in part, thank to people who have lobbied for these causes, just like the refugee activists have.