Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Anti-youth sentiment - a disturbing trend in the media

I can’t help but feeling bitter about the report on ‘A current affair’ tonight about making juvenile criminals wear shirts of shame. The idea is coming from the middle ages and I find it quite scary to believe people, including my parents, would think this as a viable way of punishing someone. It adds to thoughts I’ve been having about youth not having much of a political opinion and I was thinking that the negativity shown towards youth in the media might have something to do with it. These are just ideas, but there is a lot of coverage concerning P plate drivers and the Macquarie fields riots were portrayed so unfairly that it has created a negative image against youth that could have negative effects in the future. Youth will not be youth their whole lives and will one day grow to lead this country, if you shun them and portray them in a negative light it could have disastrous effect.

What are your thoughts on this?