Sunday, June 12, 2005

Howard makes concessions, but the problem is still there.

Detention report pressures Howard - National -

The Prime Minister, Johnny “Steal from the poor and give to rich” Howard has made some concessions to his abhorrent immigration detention system prior to a commissioner’s report on the detention centres. Howard has shut down the controversial isolation unit at Baxter detention centre, and will increase psychiatric care at the centres, plus other minor changes. If these people were not locked up they wouldn’t need psychiatric care. Though they are improving conditions in the hellholes, the evil fundamentals are still there. These people, who have done nothing wrong, are still being locked up. I suspect Howard doesn’t care at all for these people, but instead is making concessions to shut up the media and the activist groups who see this policy as one that will be looked back on with shame, similar to the way The Stolen generation and the white Australia policy was seen. I’ve got news for you Mr. Howard we will not shut up until the system of mandatory detention is abolished, completely.