Monday, June 13, 2005


I have spoken before on the problem of writer’s block and it is because I am stressed in some other area of my life. I have hit a dry patch once again and it relates to study. I think it all comes to down to balancing your lives, which is something some of my readings have touched on tonight in a fair bit of depth. I had concerns at the beginning that related to my commitment to study and I have evaluated to reasons for poor study. If I cannot fully grasp an idea I am less likely to be motivated. I need to break up my tasks as not to become overwhelmed by what is ahead of me, interchange between activities such as reading and then writing.

Concentration has been a big factor. I live in a reasonably loud house with my parents and three sisters. My room can only shut out the noise so much and music can just become a different distraction if it is something that is exciting. Coldplay is very relaxing music that keeps my mind on the task ahead.

Exercise is needed to break up the mental work in which I am doing constantly. Everything for me is mental, writing, study, politics and I need time to exercise my body and switch my mind off for a while.

These ideas are all well and good written down, I need to put them into practice and work harder, and I am sure once I am at peace with my study, my writing will pick up.