Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I haven’t done much writing lately partly due to uni. Though, the amount of time not writing hasn’t all been uni and it’s been bludging and procrastinating. I have this dumb idea that if I write I’m should be studying and I don’t seem to recognise other time wasting. But then later I think, I could have written chapter ten, or, I could have planned chapters eleven and twelve. But I don’t. The man concern with uni for me was not doing the work. I do want to do that work, but I stop and start bludging when I hit a hole. I have lately realized that instead of staring mindlessly at a textbook not knowing what to do and waiting for a response from the discussion board, I could read a chapter of one of the books or do a reading or something else, and if not – write something.

Tonight I hit a hole in an exercise, but the board is not help because we all have the same problem and don’t have access to our tutors/teachers until they send us the log in details. So tonight I wrote about two sentences of my novel (the document is still open) then went and did some planning and now I’m reading a chapter of a book for uni. I have not gotten anywhere further on the exercise, but I feel better - because I’m doing something. Maybe alternating between activities is helpful because people get bored doing one thing at a time.

I congratulate those find bloggers/readers that made it to the end of my mindless rant because whether or not you read this, I feel a shit load better.