Thursday, June 09, 2005

Novel Update: Planning and Research

Right after I published that blog post last night I got into a discussion with a writing friend of mine. I told him how I was going with the planning and stuff. The benefit of having some regular writing friends is someone to bounce ideas off and have moral support, and with his assistance I managed to develop an idea for a new character and more in depth strand into the last half of the novel. I thought, ‘geez, that’s alright, I’m all set,’

Little did I know what would happen this afternoon. I was perusing through a writer’s group and there was a topic on Chernobyl and it gave a link to this site about a woman who travelled through the disaster zone and took photos for us. With the second half of my novel being set in the Ukraine, this sent my head soaring and I came up with another little element to the relationship with the character I had just created the night before.

The bad news is, I will have to replan the rest of my novel, but the good news is that the novel has a heap more depth in the story.