Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A .net/.com without the f***ing credit card

Again I have brought my mind back to the subject of buying .com and some paid web space with no ads and no pop-up and it will be all mine. I occasionally browse the web and have found some great prices for domain names and hosting. The domain names I am after are available and quite accessible. But there is a fucking problem. I cannot get a domain or hosting package because I don’t have a ‘debt collector’ i.e. a fucking credit card. I have the money to pay for this because of the great prices going around at the moment, but cannot pay for it without some stupid bit of plastic that I can’t get and I don’t want.

If someone could find me, or knows of a hosting/domain company that…
- Is preferably Australian
- Has a hosting package that can be used with wordpress
- Doesn’t have to pay via credit card
- Can be paid monthly, preferably

Is it that hard?