Monday, June 20, 2005

The problem with elitist reviews

I just bought ‘Foo Fighters – In your honor’ and ‘Element Eighty’ yesterday before the protest for World Refugee Day. I thought I’d review them here but first I decided I’d check out how some of the pros review albums and I was once again hit with disappointment. Why are reviewers so damn picky?

This does not limit itself to music, but to movies as well. I enjoyed ‘In your honor,’ and the guy at HMV agreed, saying ‘It’s really really good!’ But ‘Rolling Stone’ mocked it, making childish comments about being too cliché with ‘The Foo fighters’ grungy style. It really pisses me off when you can like something and then the reviewers rip it to shit. They rarely give good reviews and seem to live in this elitist culture that never seems to reflect the masses.