Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Novel Update: Planning

Today was yet again full of frustrating procrastination. We still have not got our log in details to contact our tutors.

But I did decide that something else needed to get done, my novel. I didn’t write but was intent on planning the remainder of the main plot. After much worrying and thinking I sat down and watch Law and Order: SVU. I find that a period of stimulation such as a movie or TV show followed by a quiet period, such as during a shower encourages ideas. It worked a treat. I sat down – straight after my shower and planned the rest in four loose and rough pages, and it was done in about 10 minutes.

I looked back and the ending is what I wanted, not the immediate end, which may need work, but the basis of the ending theme. I was worried about length and want to add a subplot or two, which is hard seeing there are only two main characters. I was thinking of introducing another character, but it needs more thought. It’s interesting to see how the story has evolved but I am worried I have put my character’s in a situation that they can’t sustain unless I add some other element to it – needs more thought I guess.