Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A human being or an economic relationship?

China interrogated detainees - National -

The corruption and lies from the immigration department continue to worsen. There are now strong reports that the department put many Chinese asylum seekers into isolation and allowed Chinese officials to interrogate them. The Chinese* are well known for their terrible human rights record and these people have fled that, and for the government to allow Chinese officials to interrogate them, gaining information such as family, is a gross neglect of our duty of care to Asylum seekers.

This once again proves that our regard for human beings is much lower than the regard for economic relationships, and it adds to the furore of the Chen Asylum case where the government have discouraged Chen from seeking his right to political Asylum in Australia. We cannot leave these people out in the dark, they want democracy and so they are coming here. We see politicians ramble on about so-called freedom and democracy in Iraq, and then they turn their back on people who really need our help.

*China is not Communist or Socialist, it is state-capitalist and a police state.