Saturday, June 11, 2005

Novel Update: Planning

I’ve been working one a one-page synopsis for my novel tonight. This a way to get the main story out in the open, so I know where it’s going and it will iron out any holes in the story. I’ve done about ¼ of a page, which is ok. It might be over a page, but it’s ok.

People have asked me to publish the synopsis on here. I’m sorry but the short answer is no. Although, I would like to show some of the interested readers what I’m writing, it’s just too risky. Anyone could come perusing through here and think, ‘hey that’s a great idea,’ and take it. I will show some of close friends, but it’s not up for public show.

Also I’ve given the Novel a working title – Hadeon. Its a Ukrainian name meaning destroyer and it's also the name of one of my main characters. I came up with it when I was dreaming of having my novel published and that’s what it was called. Though, it wasn’t a good dream. I only published the first draft and was worried that it would be crap. Weird.

Better get back to work.