Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Pros and Cons of the Tsunami media coverage

There has been a lot of media coverage on the recent Tsunami tragedy, and the Media industry has swamped us with endless amounts of information and pleas for help. The response by the common person has been overwhelming. This tragedy has seen people open their hearts and wallets to help those in need. This is due to the extensive media coverage it has recieved. The fact that the media coverage has forced us too pay attention is one of the key reasons why we have responded the way we have. If other tragedies are given the same scale of coverage, it would be expected that people would react in a similar way. But the way people have responded is a good sign, and it shows that there is hope for humanity, and we have compassion for our fellow man. If only other causes can be seen in similar light, than there is hope for others in need of help.
One bad thing coming from the coverage is the fact that some things have been ignored. There are reports that hadn't received much coverage that a Sudanese refugee has been deported back to Sudan. It happened in the dead of night, with the man restrained and gagged. The reports only emerged on AAP, an online only news source and another refugee activist found the report in a newspaper in Israel. Also floods in Costa Rica, that has left many homeless has barely been given a mention, although it wasn't anywhere near the scale of what has happened in Asia, it is still worthy of a mention.