Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I find this very difficult to grasp

Iranian Christian fears imminent deportation - Immigration -

The refugee movement is not going to shut up, because there is still a problem with their treatmentmy an immoral and inhumane government. An Iranian could be deported tonight, back to Iran where he faces the chance of being killed for converting to Christianity. The government tried to deport him once before but he caused such a disturbance that the airline refused to take him, this is thanks also to protests at the airport's. This is making the airlines vary wary of deporting Asylum seekers. Good. We will not shut up until the government changes it's policy and realizes that is wrong to lock someone up, when they are seeking our protection. Under international law, you do not need documents when applying for Asylum, because just you walking into their country and saying I am a refugee, protect me, is enough. Please these people, especially the children mean no harm. This is not about politics, the economy or anything other than human decency.