Thursday, January 06, 2005

Novel Update: Research and Frustration

Just when I get to a good part, something ruins it. Ok, if I tell you just the smallest piece about my novel, you'll be good right. If you don't I'll hunt you down. I won't kill you because I'm a moral person. I'll just drown you with moral bitching, and I'll launch a campaign for no one to read your book. Ok, my 'caver' guy, goes in a cave, and he finds something, something big. Ok, so that's it, well this 'caver' guy used to go under the title geologist. My first two chapter's were based on him bitching how boring geology is, well I found out my caver guy is infact someone called a speleologist. Yea, never heard of it, neither have I. So basically nothing fits, except the general direction. I'll probhably have to re-write those chapters. So now I've taken the time and e-mail some speleologists to find out some stuff. Damn, this is really frustrating, I just want to write.